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FunWebcam is specially designed to add animations to video chat program
FunWebcam is a progran specially designed to add animations to video chat applications.

FunWebcam gives you the magic to add exciting animations and stylish frames to your video chat page.

Besides, it can transform your cute images into various kinds of fun photos, which you can easily show to your friends.

Fun building, you can DIY your own fun photo album with as many models as you want.

Here are some key features of "FunWebcam":

· Compatible, supportive to all video chat tools like MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ , AIM, SKYPE etc.
· Convenient to use, one-way installation is required only, the other can view your awesome image even though he/she does not install FunWebcam
· Show emotions in a brand new and innovative way
· Rich in content - We provide a full range of related services including beautiful frames, lovely cartoon images, lively impressions, peculiar signature etc to make unique animated effects.

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كلـــــــــمة شكـــــــــر

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تقريبا 20 ميغا

البرنامج كاممل بالاضافة الى اطارات اضافية
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